What time does camp start?
Program will begin promptly at 8:30am for all campers. We offer care before camp at no cost, starting at 7:30am. You can sign up for Early morning Care during the registration process to reserve a spot for your camper.

What time does camp end?
You can choose the 4:00 pm option or the 6:00pm option for your child’s end time of program. Please note that programming extends all the way until the predetermined dismissal time.

If I choose the 6pm dismissal, what will my child be doing during that time?
Students signed up for the 6pm dismissal will receive a snack from our counselor staff as well as engage in additional programming until the end of camp.

Do we have to sign up for the full 4 week program?
Yes. As of Summer 2019, our program is now one four-week session.

If we sign up for the full 4 weeks of camp will my student repeat activities or have repetitive instruction?
If choosing to participate in the full 4 weeks of camp your child will not have redundant activities or instruction. Your child’s afternoon enrichment rotations will switch and our teachers will provide new curriculum during the academic portion of camp.

Will there be program on the 4th of July?
Yes. Camp will be open on 4th of July.

Will my student be swimming on day one of camp?
Yes. All campers will be in the pool on day one of program. The first few days of swim are dedicated to assessing swimmer levels and placing accordingly.

If my student is signed up for the 4:00pm dismissal but I need to extend to 6:00pm on a given day can I extend their day?
Arrangements can be made for lower school students to remain on campus from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at a cost of $50 per day. Please contact the Summer Program Office at (510) 531-1300 ext 2500 to indicate this change when needed.

Can my child bring a cell phone to camp?
We have a strict cell phone/tablet policy and ask that all devices be on on silent and out of sight during program hours. If your child is having a difficult time managing this expectation, we will hold their phone and return it at the end of the day. You can reach the lower school office anytime by calling (510) 531-1300 ext. 2500 and the middle school office by calling (510) 531-1300 ext. 2437.

What should my child bring to camp daily?
We recommend sending your child with the following items: swim gear (swim suit, towel, goggles, sandals if desired), a backpack to carry their items, a water bottle as the days get long and hot, a hat if desired, and snacks (we provide one snack for 6pm campers only). Always label everything!

Will my child receive homework during program?
There will be no homework in grades K-5. Middle School and Upper School homework will be assigned at the teacher’s discretion. Lower School students will receive an assessment by mail at the end of the session.

How do I ensure my child will be placed with their friend(s)?
Lower School Program participants may request to be assigned the same classroom of one friend, but must be a friend of the same grade level and dismissal time. Although requests are considered and typically accommodated, due to scheduling purposes, they cannot always be granted.

Can my child switch classes/classrooms?
We are unable to consider any requests for classroom switches. We are confident in our teacher’s abilities to provide an exciting learning experience for each and every student. We will try our best to accommodate friend requests as to our ability but cannot guarantee these requests will be met.

Do we get to choose our student's enrichment rotations and activities?

Rotations are pre-determined. We are unable to take requests in the assignment process. We ensure that each group is exposed to a variety of activities to suit all interests.

When will we know our child's classroom location?
Prior to camp’s start we will e-mail classroom location information. Each classroom will be labeled clearly on the first day of the program. Each teacher’s newsletter will be updated weekly for you to read about what is going on in the classroom, what students have worked on, and what’s in store for your camper!

Does my child have to swim everyday?
If you'd like your child to forego a swim lesson we ask that you notify the office so we are aware.

Who will help my child change to and from swim?
Our counselors are our big support here during the summer program. Our counselors will appropriately staff designated changing areas for our campers (classroom or locker room).

Does my child leave their swim stuff at school each day?
All campers will take their swim gear home everyday after camp. We encourage a large ziploc bag to store items!

Does the program accept international students?
While we try our best to accommodate all students, International Students must be conversational in English and able to complete the coursework with English fluency in reading and writing. We do not work with placement organizations.