Bus Transportation

Bus Logistics

Registering for the bus:

The bus registration will be completed during the registration process. Please be sure to select the bus transportation that corresponds to your camp selection and end time (4:45pm for bus and 5:15 for carpool).

During the registration process, you will be prompted to identify your camper's bus route and specific bus stop. This should be a selection that will remain consistent throughout the entire Summer Program. 

Registration for bus service is on a first come, first-served basis due to a limited number of seats on each bus.


How do I cancel the bus service?
To cancel the service, please contact us via email (summer@headroyce.org) noting your request. Please note this will slightly shift your pick up time in the afternoon. 

Can I switch routes and stops?
Families are able to utilize different stops, on the same route, for both AM and PM service. If space is available, we can accommodate a switch of routes up until April 15th.

When do I need to finalize my bus schedule?
Be thoughtful in selecting the appropriate bus stop. Stop selection must be final by April 15 for our planning purposes.