Camp Culture & Climate

All Summer Program participants have the right to enjoy a positive community experience. Accordingly, all students are expected to follow and support Head-Royce and Summer Program expectations for a positive community at all times. Behaviors or language that are perceived by the Summer Program to be disrespectful, hurtful, unsafe, or threatening may result in dismissal from the program. This includes any behaviors that the Summer Program administration believes undermine the Summer Program’s ability to best serve the needs of our participants.

Expectations of students:

  • Use kind words
  • Listen when someone else is talking
  • Follow transition rules and routines
  • Try new things
  • Take responsibility for my actions
  • Have fun!

Program Fit: On occasion, we do encounter students whose needs we are unable to accommodate, either due to physical or behavioral concerns. Parents with specific questions should contact ahead of registration. A program administrator will engage in a needs assessment to determine the appropriate arrangements to ensure the success of the student.