Programmatic Overview

Summer Program Goals

We’ve worked hard to create fun, engaging programs that support 21st century learning. The following are high-level programmatic goals that help us shape the experience we strive to provide all of our students and families.

  • Academic Enrichment - We are grounded in the concept of “review & preview.” Our hope is to improve relevant competency and fluency by focusing on solidifying skills from the prior grade level while introducing big concepts for the upcoming academic year. While we are able to provide support, we are not capable of remediation or acceleration.
  • Relationship Cultivation - We like to think of ourselves as an incubator for budding relationships between friends, counselors, and faculty. We set aside and carefully plan ideal opportunities for connection. We know learning is increased and enhanced when students feel a sense of belonging and accountability to others. A major bonus is applied when these relationships form between folks that wouldn’t have otherwise encountered each other outside of camp. Empathy increases when we are exposed to new ideas and ways of life. It is important to note, we do not intentionally place students attending the same schools together. In fact, we are sometimes asked not to so that students may meet and establish new friendships. We highly encourage this practice and provide support to faculty to help facilitate and nourish these budding relationships. With so many returning campers year after year, many create a new “school” community during their summers with us.

  • Self-Advocacy Skills - We are aware that the academic year curriculum often doesn’t allow for a lot of space for reflection, conversation, and inquiry. Cultivating the skills surrounding interrupting for clarification and addressing a lack of understanding can be the difference makers in student’s success. Toward that end, we look for any and every opportunity for students to practice using their voice.
  • Resiliency & Grit - At Head-Royce we are not failure-averse. In fact, we encourage it. We want kids to experience discomfort, disappointment, and dissatisfaction while they are in our loving care so that we can mentor them through the process of creating a toolbox for managing these emotions. We describe them as muscles that need lots of exercising for strengthening. We’re hoping to begin early by providing activities and content that push students into that sweet spot where most learning happens; right outside of their comfort zone.
  • Fun - In positive psychology, flow, also known as “the zone," is the mental state of operation in wherein a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. We hope that our students are able to find many moments or periods of “flow” while attending our programs. Belly laughs, enthusiastic cheers, gritted teeth, tired eyes, sweet smiles, and that good old exhaustion that only comes from working hard are the goals and what we often use to measure our success!