Letter From The Director

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Head-Royce Summer Program community. Aside from my decade-long professional experience in organizing and operating recreational programs, I value equally my expertise as a lifelong camper and learner in a variety of experiences. In fact, when I assumed the role of Director of Programs in 2012 and set out to design the best camp experience possible for our students, I drew most upon my favorite childhood memories, added my lens as a parent, and combined my practical knowledge of best practice in providing “kid” programming.

As I oversee both the Summer and Heads Up Programs, I think about my job as the facilitator and keeper of community, culture, rituals, and traditions. I attempt to provide all of the grown-ups and young adults directly impacting students with the ideal environment to nourish and foster these four tenets of our program. Many of the very same memories I have as a basketball player, camp counselor and student are infused in the daily experience of our campers. Camp favorites like the “Sha-Boo-Yeah” chant, counselor nicknames, and themed dress up days were added because I distinctly remember participating in them myself as a youngster. I figured if I remember them so vividly and fondly at my age, they must have been powerful; I wanted to share the experience. I also think long and hard with my parent hat on about what feels good and right for safety, procedures, and process to combine for what we hope is an incredibly memorable experience for our students and their families.

The Head-Royce Community is so lucky to welcome so many children from the larger Oakland neighborhood in the summer months. We understand and acknowledge how much better and stronger a school we are for collaborating with our rich community.

I’ve outlined my view of our programmatic goals for your review. These are the principles we hold dear and refer back to as we both plan program, make decisions and support students and families. I hope that you see the values outlined reflected back in your time with us.

We hope that we’ll have the privilege of hosting you and formally welcoming you to our community of learning. We are grateful for your consideration of our offerings and are available to assist in any way throughout your exploration process.


Mikki “Magik” Frazier