Head-Royce School will not be offering any Upper School summer courses in 2020. Please check in with your students advisor or Upper School administration if you are concerned about your students academic plan. 

The Head-Royce Summer Program offers a variety of for-credit, preparatory, and enrichment courses at the High School level. Courses offered for one session are equivalent to one semester and six-week programs equal the content of the entire academic year.

All for-credit summer courses were developed by current and former Head-Royce Department Chairs of the respective academic departments to be equivalents of the academic year courses, modified for the summer format, carrying the equivalent UC Certification status.

Head-Royce students should speak with their advisor about potential class placement. All course-related questions can be forwarded to Saya McKenna, Upper School Assistant Head, at smckenna@headroyce.org.

The Immersion Format

The offerings are fast-paced, engaging, and intense. For any given course, the number of hours spent in the summer classroom exceeds the number of hours spent in the academic year classroom for a true immersion experience. While this format may not match all learning styles, many students will find the immersion approach more accessible and effective. During the academic year, students spread their attention over many subjects during a seven-hour school day; in the summer, students are immersed in one subject for a longer block and are able to give their entire academic energy to it.

Summer Instruction

All great classes depend on great teaching, and this is perhaps most true for the immersion format. Indeed, teaching the same group of students in one subject for the extended time each day for six weeks is a significant professional challenge, one requiring a depth of experience and talent in multiple pedagogical approaches. These considerations are at the forefront of our teacher selection process. We are proud to offer outstanding and highly effective educators, exceptionally suited for this work. (See teachers for each course in course descriptions.) Finally, a maximum class size of 20 students allows productive access to these great teachers. Individual attention is guaranteed.

Common reasons students take for-credit summer coursework at Head-Royce:

1) Schedule Space- Students may take a summer course to create space in the upcoming year’s class schedule. Depending on individual need, this could be used for two different purposes: to provide openings in the schedule and the ability to focus on fewer subjects in a busy year; to enable students to take additional courses in the regular academic year.

2) Off-Campus Study - Students may take a summer course to fulfill required coursework missed/to be missed due to off-campus study programs.

3) Preview and Preparation - Students may take a summer course on an audited basis to preview material for the upcoming year’s version of the same course or as a foundation for the AP version of that course.

International Students

Thank you for your interest in our summer program. Our courses are designed and aligned with Head-Royce School's Curriculum Program. While we try our best to accommodate all students, International Students must be conversational in English and able to complete the coursework with English fluency in reading and writing. We do not work with placement organizations.

Transfer & Credit Information