About Afternoon Enrichment

  • Each classroom cohort attends three assigned enrichment rotations daily throughout the four weeks of Program. 
  • Enrichment classes are pre-selected and carefully chosen by our team and are assigned strategically in order to reflect a diversity of offerings, experience, and content
  • Due to the structure of our schedule, we are unable to solicit input from families around student interest or preference. Instead, we attempt to support campers and encourage participation as they try new things.




The Adventures class is an interactive mystery solving experience. Episodic mystery stories are brought to life through guided searches for clues, audio and video created for the class, storytelling, acting, and the imagination of the participants. The stories are rooted in genres popular for children such as spy/espionage, fantasy, science fiction, and action/adventure. A fusion of entertainment and education, this popular activity encourages children to use imagination to solve problems and inspires them to create their own stories.

Painting & Sculpting

In this class the students will travel the world through art and render and sculpt masterpieces inspired by the the international art and animals from around the world. Jenai will also bring in materials she has collected throughout her world travels to inspire the young artists.
Discover new art forms, media and techniques. Each class introduces a new project, exercise or technique emphasizing drawing, painting, paper mache, book arts, fiber, assemblage, found art, mixed media, sculpture, and puppets. 2D and 3D techniques. Art history is also included in each class.


Can you walk? Can you run?  Then you can dance! Time to turn up!! Calling all B Boys and B Girls! Learn all classic styles and new power moves! Start your own crew with your friends and battle for fun! Breakers learn history and origins of the sacred art of breakdancing from NYC to Cali. Breakers will learn freezes, top rock, six step, routines, and battle etiquette ultimately creating crews and performing.


This class combines aspects of dance, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, breakdance and other movement arts. Students will also learn to make instruments, play, and sing capoeira songs.


In this class, we tell our stories through pictures. Students can put their favorite characters into new scenarios, or invent their own. We talk about how to use framing, backgrounds, clothing, expressions, and word balloons to communicate an idea. Students develop their own portfolios, and can show off their work in a slideshow at the end of the class. This class is designed to be engaging, hands-on, and process-based. Whether you're already interested in art, or just a beginner, this is a great place to experiment and get tips from a working artist.


For thousands of years, the chess board has been one of humanity’s greatest educational tools. We are only now beginning to understand the full depth of the mental benefits playing chess can have, particularly in children. But it has always been known that chess offers something special. It is both entertaining and educational. It keeps kids coming back in a way that few other games can manage. For all these reasons and more, Berkeley Chess School believes that teaching children to love chess is the best way to teach them important skills like creativity, problem-solving, perseverance, patience, critical thinking, and many more that will last them their entire lives.


This class offers an in-depth exploration of Computer Science, Audio Production, Digital Marketing, and 3d Printing. Students will learn coding and audio production techniques as well as how to market their projects.  This class offers an in-depth exploration of Computer Science, Audio Production, General Business, and 3d Printer.


Students will learn to make a variety of dishes centered around vegan cuisine. They will use plants and herbs from nature as ingredients and inspiration for healthy, easy-to-make cuisine.

Design & Stitching

Learn the basics of stitching, pattern making, and textile design. Students learn the fundamentals of hand sewing, then learn to create with sewing machines. Students will also explore logo design, screen printing and patch/button making. Guest speakers will include clothing/textile designers, fashion industry executives, and fashion marketers. 


Providing a safe, creative and vibrant space for students and teachers, Mr. Moeketsi will take an imaginary journey throughout Southern Africa with campers. We will be using Djembe drums to play traditional rhythms and Gumboots to stomp the dance steps of our ancestors. We will use our voices to sing songs and engage in class activity dialog.

Drum Circle

Students will be instructed in the fundamentals of west of West African hand drumming. This class will be instructed in the fundamentals of polyrhythms and in the fundamentals of song and dance. Participants will be instructed in the building of a musical ensemble. Drum Circle will be instructed in the fundamentals of music as mathematics. 

Free Swim

2nd – 5th grade participants have the option of recreational free swim if qualified for swim level 3 and above. Each swimmer will be assessed to determine free-swim section eligibility (shallow, mid, and deep water). Level 2 swimmers will be assessed weekly in their morning swim lesson to determine possible movement to free swim eligibility in afternoon programs.

Hip Hop

So you think you can dance? Regardless of your talent and experience, this class is for you! A unique fusion of West-African funk, Break Dance and Contemporary, Hip-Hop dance is one of the most popular dance styles among kids of all ages. In this energetic, movement-based class, students will learn the fundamentals of hip-hop dance. Campers will contribute their ideas and favorite summer songs to choreograph dynamic dance routines.

Maker's Lab

A special class designed for young "makers." Following the engineering process, the class will design and build simple projects using recycled materials. This class will focus on group projects and challenges while giving students flexibility in personal design. 


This class will teach the basics of Zimbabwean marimba. Campers will learn different parts and how to play together as a group. The goal of this class is to teach teamwork awareness of classmates through musical instruction. We will learn one song during the summer in which will result in a performance. Students will have the option to perform in the Enrichment Performances.

Music Production

This class allows students to create beats digitally by using computer software such as logic and garage band to track, edit, and mix original music. Students will be encouraged to create their own mix tapes.

Music & Movement

Have fun this summer learning a variety of skills through Music and Movement. Campers will learn solid techniques using fun and games. We will play and sing a wide variety of styles including Beatles, Jason Mraz, and Music of the World. Songs and games will be presented so that students at any level can play along.

Puppetry + Song

I am an edutainer who leads the children on story time adventures that advocate for the highest health and well being of the earth, kindness, consent and peace. Emily Butterfly is an interstellar story teller who lives to delight children with her magically unique form of puppetry, storytelling and song.

Shadow Puppet Theatre

Students in this studio will study the art of shadow puppetry.  Exploring traditional and modern techniques with an emphasis on story telling.

School of Rock

Introductory rock performance with choices of electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, vocals and various percussion instruments. Basics and exposure to songs by the Beatles, The Who, Buddy Holly, Tom Petty and Muddy Waters and more. Rock and Blues will be covered. The main emphasis is for the student to have fun and learn about playing in a band. The student should provide his own instrument except for keyboard and drums.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Our sessions focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. Through fun games and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active. We highlight a positive character trait each week such as respect, confidence and determination.


Students will engage in a variety of sports. Campers will participate in activities & sports utilizing spaces such as our gym, outdoor courts, and field. 


Students will be learning the fundamentals of tennis. Focus is on the basic strokes, movement skills, and basic rules.  This class combines instruction, drills and games to expand the student’s knowledge and experience. This skill-building includes focus on footwork, improving forehand power, hitting sharper volleys, serving and improved tennis strokes.


Students will learn yoga poses through story telling. Mindfulness practices through games. Working with a child’s natural rhythm and energy, we introduce kids to the three principles of yoga - movement, breathing and meditation. 

Zimbabwe African Dance

Zimbabwe traditional dance from the Shona people. The students will be learning history of the dance, songs and stories of the Shona tribe. Performances feature the complex weaving of all of these instruments into beautiful melodies and polyrhythms that are still performed regularly at spiritual ceremonies throughout Zimbabwe.