Lower School Program

Lower School Program

Please watch this short video to get an overview of our entire Lower School program

The Morning

Program starts at 8:30am. The Lower School program consists of 21 self-contained classrooms of grade-level learners taught by classroom teachers and supported by one of our amazing counselors. Each group is capped at 22 students to ensure individualized attention for academic support and small groups during swim lessons. Faculty manage and differentiate students by incorporating informal assessment in the first few days of camp to ensure appropriate curricular leveling. This academic portion ends at 12pm.


Lunchtime signals the shift to the afternoon portion of our program. Lunch is provided daily, along with a vegetarian option. Campers are met at their classrooms by their afternoon counselors who escort them through the lunch line. Then they are given additional time for free play on the playground.


The afternoon program is designated for enrichment and special events opportunities. Enrichment options are carefully chosen by our staff to reflect a diversity of offerings, experience, and content. Due to the structure of our schedule, we are unable to solicit input from families around student interest or preference. Instead, we attempt to support campers and encourage participation as they try new things. For 4:00 dismissal participants, each classroom cohort attends three assigned enrichment rotations daily and for those staying for the later hours, an additional two rotations are added. At the end of program, performance-based classes participate in a low-stakes, high fun show to demonstrate what they've learned during program. 

Late Afternoon


After enrichment rotations, all Lower School students meet for our daily camp meeting. Camp meeting is one of the most revered camp activities. During this time, campers dance, sing, chant, perform, and play in a big group gathering.

LS Sample Schedule