Welcome to the Middle School

At Head-Royce, we are very clear about exactly what middle schoolers need. They are not overgrown elementary school kids or miniature high schoolers. The Middle School years constitute a distinctive period of rapid growth and development — intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

Middle schoolers are reaching out into an adult world of ideas and experiences, yet they hang on to the comfortable and familiar. They long for independence, but they still need structure and guidance. They want to develop new relationships and make different kinds of social connections, but they feel more self-conscious than ever before. They are just beginning to find their talents and passions. Teachers at Head-Royce understand middle schoolers and they know how to create an environment where they will grow, thrive and develop self-confidence.

The Middle School provides a developmentally appropriate sequential program for grades 6 through 8. Our integrated program includes literature, music, language, history, math and science labs and hands-on arts activities. As they progress through the program, students master the analytical, problem solving and writing skills they’ll need to succeed in a rigorous college-prep Upper School program. The Middle School experience is all about tackling new academic challenges and navigating through transitions.


Our Academic Program

The Middle School is designed to meet the developmental needs of this transitional age group. The student body in the Middle School is the perfect size to study complex topics in a nurturing environment. Faculty members are attuned to the development transitions that students face during this time and provide an environment that is physically, emotionally, and academically safe. The academic program builds upon the foundations introduced in the Lower School.

• All students take English, history, math, science, and a world language (French, Spanish, Latin, Mandarin Chinese).

• All students take physical education and life skills; study skills are incorporated into the school day.

• Students go on outdoor education trips that include camping,hiking, river rafting, and a ropes course.

• Student government and clubs provide students with leadership skills.

• A modified block schedule allows for a combination of long blocks and short blocks for in-depth learning.

Experiential Learning

Our School is a place of experiential learning where students are challenged to be inquisitive problem solvers. This year, a group of educators created an election simulation as a way to help students think about the complicated concepts of democracy in a real way. Watch this video to learn more.


All Middle School students are supplied with a school-owned iPad to use as an educational tool throughout the school year. The school has put a great deal of thought into this program. It is clear that taking full advantage of the technology available to us will enhance the student’s learning environment. This quote from the Head-Royce Digital Learning Mission says it best: “At Head-Royce digital learning is a critical K-12 tool designed to promote our core values for 21st century learning: our use of technology supports critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal and media literacy skills, creativity,global competencies, and a sense of purpose.”


Our goal is to provide student-athletes with opportunities for competition in which the lifelong values of sportsmanship, individual effort, teamwork, integrity, commitment, and self-discipline are emphasized throughout the sports season. Athletic teams are split up by grade level, or are a combination of grade levels.

Fine Arts

Head-Royce provides all students with a well balanced curriculum including a strong arts program focusing on performing and visual arts. Throughout middle school, the students have the opportunity to take classes in filmmaking, songwriting, or studio art. In addition, they can choose to join the middle school band or middle school chorus.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services comprises a collaborative team of a grade-level deans, assistant middle school head, and a counselor who foster the development of academic, behavioral, and social emotional well-being. Our school community is enriched by the diversity of thinkers and learners who add their talent to learning activities each day. These individuals work together with the professional community to provide a supportive learning environment, positive social skill development, and emotional balance. This collaborative model enriches the experience for all students as they journey through the Lower School.

Middle School Curriculum

Sample Middle School Schedule

Linda Hoopes
Head of Middle School
(510) 531-1300 x2511

Kiki Felt
Assistant Middle School Head
(510) 531-1300 x2420

Nicolette Fahey
Assistant to the Middle School Head
(510) 531-1300 x2510