Head-Royce After-School Program for Sequoia Elementary School

How it works:

Head-Royce is proud to partner with Sequoia Elementary to provide after-school care and enrichment for Sequoia families of rising 1st through 5th graders.

The After-School program provides a high quality experience for students through a balance of student-led and adult-lead activities, games, and play spaces. Also available through the After-School Program are our fee-based Enrichment Classes, Private Music Lessons, and Fall/Spring Swim Lessons. The Afterschool Team consists of enthusiastic administrators, counselors, and teachers who share a passion for creating a healthy, welcoming and playful environment after school. For more on our team, check out our Staff page. Students who are successful in our program are able to comfortable with a mix of adult-lead activities and independent choice time with peers.

Sequoia students are also welcome to enroll in our fee-based enrichment classes and swim lessons, and do not need to be enrolled in the year-round program to do so. Students participating only in enrichment classes must be brought to Head-Royce by a parent/guardian and collected from a parent/guardian at Head-Royce. We cannot provide walking transportation to these students from Sequoia.

For the 2019-20 school year

*Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any new applications
ASP closes at 6PM.

Attendance Form

Daily Attendance Change Form

Families must notify ASP ahead of time if their student will not be coming to Head-Royce from Sequoia on any given day. This is essential in keeping the program running safely, and helping us to track the students. Any planned schedule changes can be communicated via the attendance change form. In the event of a last-minute schedule change, we ask that you call our office directly at 510-531-1300 x2333.

Pick-Up Process

Pick-Up Procedures

How your child gets to ASP everyday
Students will be greeted by a qualified counselor in the breezeway between the K-1 building and the 2-5 building at Sequoia. The counselor is provided with a roster of students as well as their respective teachers and room numbers.

Every day two of our ASP counselors walk from Head-Royce to Sequoia to pick up Sequoia students and bring them to Head-Royce on a Michael's Transportation school bus. Our counselors arrive on campus by 3:00pm and by 1:20 on Wednesday's and minimum days/weeks. In the event the bus is not available, a third counselor comes to Sequoia and the group walks up the hill to Head-Royce.

Counselors cannot wait for students involved in Sequoia after-school activities. These students will need to leave at the regular dismissal time, or the parents/guardians will need to find alternate transportation to Head-Royce after their activity.

Picking up your child from Head-Royce
In an effort to improve safety for our ASP students, a counselor will be stationed right inside the gatehouse doors in Lincoln Avenue. When parents or authorized persons arrive and present their ID the counselor will radio down to ASP for the student to be sent up. We ask that no parents call the program directly in advance to have their students sent to Lincoln Avenue. Please plan accordingly. ASP closes promptly at 6:00pm and students remaining on campus after 6:00pm will be charged $5 for the first minute and $1 per minute thereafter.

Application Process

Application Process

There will be a link/button provided on this page leading you to the registration process. The application is an online form that asks for information about your student, contact information, and more detailed information about your student's needs and interests. A reference form from a previous teacher, a risk acknowledgment form, and a transportation policy guide also need to be completed in order to successfully submit your application. These documents will all be in the same place. In addition to the reference form and application, new students and families that are accepted must also complete a tour.

We will be offering two tour dates of our facilities this Spring. This tour is required for new families as it allows us to meet your student and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions about the application process please email edower@headroyce.org

Please Note:

Due to capacity constraints, the program cannot accept all students from Sequoia who apply to participate. We give priority each year to students from Sequoia who are returning to our program and siblings of returning students.

To ensure you are on our waitlist/interest list for the upcoming school year, please fill out this form.

Cost & Payment

1st-5th Grade Payment Plan for the 2019-20 After-School Program

Sequoia Plan: Year Long Unlimited Use Plan $3640
Please note that there is not a drop-in ASP option for Sequoia students. Sequoia students who are interested in enrichment classes but not ASP are welcome to register but families must provide their own transportation to and from campus.

The $3,640 total is billed over a 9 month period, on the last day of each month. Billing is completed through our Active Network Database. Families also have the option to pay for the plan up front. Enrichment classes are billed during the time of registration.


ASP provides a daily snack at about 4:30 pm, which is included in the outlined fees. All students are welcomed and encouraged to bring an additional snack!
On minimum days, students also receive a smaller snack upon arrival at Head-Royce. Please see a sample snack schedule below.

Monday - Carrots and ranch

Tuesday - Chips and hummus

Wednesday - French toast sticks with syrup

Thursday - Apples and pretzels

Friday - Chicken Nuggets

Parking & Transportation

Parking & Transportation at Head-Royce

All Sequoia families participating in any Head-Royce programming must agree to fully engage in our transportation policies. ASP enrollment is contingent upon full support of our neighborhood agreements. For more information about procedures, click here.


What age group do you accept from Sequoia? Should I list my child's current grade on the application form or their incoming grade?

We currently accept students from 1st-5th grade. We do not accept incoming Kinder students, as we have found that older students are better able to manage the long day and transition into our program.

Where can I find more information regarding available enrichment programs?

Please visit this link to learn more about our fee-based enrichment classes.

Can Sequoia students participate in private music lessons and band?

Yes, Sequoia students can participate in private music lessons. These lessons are $45 for a 30 minute weekly lesson, and require a year-long commitment. Private music lessons are extremely popular and space fills quickly. Please use this link to learn more about our private music offerings.

The band is an option for 3rd grade students and above, but the private music lessons are available to all grades (depending on the instructor and the instrument).

Can I walk down to ASP to pick up my child or watch my child play?

Yes, parents and guardians are always welcome to come down to the ASP area to collect their students, meet the counselors, or watch enrichment classes. Please note that you will need a photo ID to sign in at the gatehouse before entering campus.

Do you accept students who are from neighboring schools (not Head-Royce or Sequoia students) for your after-school program?

At this time, we do not accept students who are not Head-Royce or Sequoia students for our after-school program. However, we do allow other students to participate in our fee-based enrichment classes. If you are interested in learning more about our enrichment classes please visit this link.

Does the Head-Royce calendar match up with Sequoia's calendar? What happens if Sequoia is in session and Head-Royce is closed? How will I know if there is a conflict?

The school calendars do not entirely match up. We ask that families take a look at the calendar in advance, and plan accordingly. We do make every effort to send reminders, but it is important that families have looked at our calendar ahead of time.

On days when Head-Royce is in session and Sequoia has a minimum day, we do collect the students at the minimum day time. We collect the entire group at that time (we cannot do two separate pickups to accommodate for activities at Sequoia).

On days when Sequoia is in session, and Head-Royce is closed we do not offer ASP.

On days when Head-Royce is in session and Sequoia is closed, Sequoia students are welcome to join ASP beginning at 3:20pm. They will need to be brought to campus and walked to ASP.

Mikki Frazier
Director of Programs
(510) 531-1300 x2500

Liz Solis
Associate Director of Programs
Director, Heads Up Program
(510) 531-1300 x2437

Natalie Huaman
Associate Director of Programs
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