After-School Program

The After-School program provides a high quality experience for students through a balance of student-led and adult-led activities, games, and play spaces. Also available through the After-School Program are our fee-based Enrichment Classes, Private Music Lessons, and Fall/Spring Swim Lessons. The After School Team consists of enthusiastic administrators, counselors, and teachers who share a passion for creating a healthy, welcoming and playful environment after school. For more on our team, check out our Staff page.

Pricing and Plan Info

ASP Care Plans for 2019-20


  • 6:00pm Unlimited Plan (year-long): $3,640 (includes teacher workdays + discounted enrichment class rates.)
  • 5:00pm Plan (year-long): $2,808 (includes teacher workdays + discounted enrichment class rates.)
  • Drop-In Plan (occasional to infrequent use): $15 for one hour or less in ASP per day. $30 for one hour + per day.

ASP Plans (5pm/6pm plan) will be automatically charged to the card on file in your Active Network account on the last day of each month over a 9-month period. 

Breakdown and Dates of Payments for the 5pm and 6pm plan:

Payment #1 - August 31st                                                                                                                     
Payment #2 - September 30th 
Payment #3 - October 31st
Payment #4 - November 30th
Payment #5 - December 31st
Payment #6 - January 30th
Payment #7 - February 28th
Payment #8 - March 31st
Payment #9 - April 30th

Drop-In Billing will be added and billed at the end of each month. We require that all drop in payments are made before June 2020.

How does pricing work for the Drop-In plan?

Drop-in charges are based upon the amount of time your child is in ASP per day. If your child is in ASP for one hour or less you will be charged $15; If your child is in ASP for more than one hour you will be charged $30.
There is no drop-in charge for children who are in ASP prior to an enrichment class, swim lesson, or private music lesson. Drop-In charges for children in enrichment will start accumulating after a class ends.

A Day in ASP

Kindercare: Daily 2:15-3:00 pm

Kindergarten students are welcomed to the program beginning at 2:00 pm. Kinder students receive a snack, participate in enrichment classes or free time and have daily story time/rest. Parents can make arrangements through the Lower School Office to have students exiting the program at 3:20 be walked to Lincoln Avenue for pick-up. Siblings and/or parents may also come to retrieve kindergarten students from the program by properly signing them out with a counselor.

ASP: 3:20-6:00 pm

Students with ASP selected as their dismissal in School Pass will be brought to the ASP area by their Associate Teachers. Students will be greeted and checked into ASP by counselors, then led through age-appropriate activities with intermittent supervised play and/or attend ASP Enrichment classes until picked up by a parent. Students participating in ASP Enrichment Classes must be signed in and out of ASP for safety reasons, but will not be charged for time spent in classes. All students remaining on campus after 3:45 pm will automatically be signed into ASP and be charged accordingly.

Middle School: 3:30-6:00 pm

After dismissal, Middle School students are invited to check into ASP. ASP opens at 3:20 and MS students must check in by 3:45 at the latest if they are remaining on campus. MS ASP includes time for a quiet supervised study hall in Room 104, snack at 4:30pm, and access to the Lower School ASP play areas & activities. MS students are offered the choice to stay in study hall or head outside to play and unwind. If you’d like your student to complete homework before heading outside, let our team know and we’ll remind them.

Pick-Up Procedures/ Sign Out Process

An ASP counselor is stationed inside the gatehouse doors on Lincoln Avenue to receive parents and radio for students. Students will be sent to the gatehouse doors once a parent/guardian or other authorized pick-up presents their ID to the counselor. Parents are always welcome to come down to the Lower School.

We ask that no parents call the program directly in advance to have their students sent to Lincoln Avenue. Please plan accordingly. ASP closes promptly at 6:00pm and students remaining on campus after 6:00pm will be charged $5 for the first minute and $1 per minute thereafter.


ASP provides a daily nutritious snack for our Kindergarten students at 2:00pm. We will also provide a snack at 4:30 pm for all K-8 students signed into ASP. All students are welcomed and encouraged to bring additional snacks! 

Sample snack schedule:
Monday: Cheese and pretzels
Tuesday: Gogurts
Wednesday: Z Bars
Thursday: Sliced apples
Friday: Chicken nuggets

Morning Care

ASP provides care for students prior to school's start beginning at 7:30 am at no cost. Although pre-registration is not required, we do ask that parents escort students to the After-School Room and check them in for safety purposes.

Teacher Work Day

ASP is open to all school-age students during faculty work days, Sign ups will be available through e-lines a few weeks prior to each date Teacher Work Day.

The ASP program will be closed during all school holidays. Workdays are full of a variety of activities as well as workshops from our Enrichment Programs. Faculty Work Days are available from 7:30am - 6:00pm and charged at a rate of $35 for a half day or $60 for the entire day.

How do I register my child?

Where to register and how to register: Registration for ASP Plans and Drop In will open on Thursday, July 19. Registration for all other items such as: Enrichment, Music Lessons, and Swim Lessons will open on Friday, August 30, at 9:00am.

Please watch this step-by-step tutorial video to see how to register for ASP Plans, Enrichment classes, Private music lessons, and swim lessons.

Contact Us

Mikki Frazier
Director of Programs -  ASP Care, Programmatic Questions, Concerns
(510) 531-1300 x2500

Natalie Huaman
Associate Director of Programs - ASP Enrichment & Music
(510) 531-1300 x2301

Please Note: The ASP office is open from 10am-6pm daily.


Important Dates

  • November 4: Enrichment classes updated
  • November 15:  Registration for Trimester 2 opens @ 10am
  • November 18- 20: Music Lesson Report Cards go out
  • November 25-29: Thanksgiving break - ASP closed all week

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