Visual Arts

Across all divisions at Head-Royce, students develop artistic habits and skills. 

The Lower School follows the Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) pedagogy, a choice-based program. Students spend some time in skill-based centers, learning the medium of each space––such as drawing and collage––and the majority of their classes are self-guided by the students' own curiosity. Read more about TAB in the Lower School here

Students then deepen their understanding of what it means to develop an artistic practice in our Middle School art program, with opportunities to create paintings, sculptures, collages, films, and more. Upper school artists build a disciplined studio process through a more focused exploration of studio art, sculpture, photography, and film-making.

Each year, student-artists present their work in an All-School Art Exhibit, showcasing their talent and creativity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of gathering in a physical space, we're creating virtual galleries, so you can see all of the awe-inspiring art coming out of Head-Royce.

Check out the Middle School virtual gallery or the Upper School virtual gallery! Be sure to watch this video featuring Lower School artists.