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As part of our school mission to educate the whole child, Head-Royce seeks to develop physically healthy and socially and emotionally aware students who understand themselves and others. Recognizing that the concept of “wellness” is part of a broader systemic thinking, we seek to instill in students an understanding of the many components of wellness and learning that lead to happiness and healthy living.

We aim to help our students understand the benefits of healthy eating and physical fitness; the importance of self-awareness; the steps to self-acceptance and self-advocacy; many strategies to effectively navigate social dynamics; and tools for effective communication skills.

Student Support Services comprises a collaborative team of Learning Specialists, Counselors, a health educator, and school nurses who foster the development of academic, behavioral, and social emotional well-being for our students. This collaborative team works together with the staff and community to provide a supportive learning environment, positive social skill development, emotional balance, and good health.


Our Student Wellness + Support Team

Kristi Farnham Thompson
Lower School Learning Specialist
Student Wellness and Support Department Chair

Rosemary Durousseau
Lower School Counselor

Sabina Aurilio
Middle School Learning Specialist

Suzy Klein
Middle School Counselor
(510) 531-1300 x2335

Peytra Redfield
Upper School Learning Specialist

Nikkia Young
Upper School Counselor
(510) 531-1300 x2212

Jodi Biskup
School Nurse

Amy Jo Goldfarb
School Nurse

Hannah Niles
Health and Wellness Fellow