Middle School Gallery

Current Event Grid Drawings

For this project, 8th grade artists reflected on current events and chose a photo––from books, magazines, or online––that illustrates a personally meaningful cause. Using the grid technique, which artists have used for centuries to reproduce images, the students recreated the powerful pictures in colored pencil. When viewed collectively, we can see which events of our time are impacting how these young artists see the world. 

– MS Art Teacher Emily Miller 

Artwork by Zain B, Class of 2025.

Fire Out of Hand
By Zain B. '25

Artwork by Savannah H, Class of 2025.

Abolish I.C.E.
By Savannah H. '25

Artwork by Rory S, Class of 2025.

California Burning
By Rory S. '25

Artwork by Reese L, Class of 2025.

Kamala Harris Joe Biden
By Reese L. '25

Artwork by Quattro R, Class of 2025.

California Wildfires
By Quattro R. '25

Artwork by Morgan R, Class of 2025.

By Morgan R. '25

Artwork by Mila E, Class of 2025.

Smokey Golden Gate Bridge
By Mila E. '25

Artwork by Maxine C, Class of 2025.

Our Firefighters
By Maxine C. '25

Artwork by Maisie C, Class of 2025

Social Distancing at the Airport
By Maisie C. '25

Artwork by Logan C, Class of 2025.

By Logan C. '25

Artwork by Hayley V, Class of 2025.

By Hayley V. '25

Artwork by Hattie G, Class of 2025.

Democrats and Democracy
By Hattie G. '25

Artwork by Gigi G, Class of 2025.

By Gigi G. '25

Artwork by Diana Z, Class of 2025.

The Ones Doing Our Dirty Work
By Diana Z. '25

Artwork by Ally H, Class of 2025.

By Ally H. '25

Artwork by Aiden B, Class of 2025.

By Aiden B. '25

Romare Bearden Collages

For their first major project of the year, the 7th grade artists studied Romare Bearden. Bearden called on personal memories, African-American cultural history, and literature for his subject matter. He placed aspects of African-American life within the context of universal themes. His style was influenced by numerous sources, including Western European art, African sculpture, the art of his contemporaries in America and Mexico, and music––especially blues and jazz. He’s most famous for his collage work, which he used in unique and innovative ways. For this project, students created collages that reflect what their lives feel and look like today. In this way, they not only learned what it feels like to work in the same medium as Bearden, but they also experienced what it means to honor your perspective by sharing it with others.

– MS Art Teacher Emily Miller 

Artwork by Summer S, Class of 2026

The Fight
By Summer S. '26

Artwork by Shrey K, Class of 2026.

Please Just Wear A Mask
By Shrey K. '26

Artwork by Rory N, Class of 2026.

Why Can't I Play Outside
By Rory N. '26

Artwork by Riley C, Class of 2026.

A Day in the Life of 2020
By Riley C. '26

Artwork by Makayla K, Class of 2026.

By Makayla K. '26

Artwork by Kyla R, Class of 2026.

Power Over Differences
By Kyla R. '26

Artwork by Gavin W, Class of 2026.

Distance for Everyone
By Gavin W. '26

Artwork by Finn M, Class of 2026.

By Finn M. '26

Artwork by Ella S, Class of 2026.

Realizing that Women are the Leaders of the World
By Ella S. '26

Artwork by Donovan E, Class of 2026.

Go Outside and Do Whats Right
By Donovan E. '26

Artwork by Daniella S, Class of 2026.

Segregationists vs. Anti-racists
By Daniella S. '26

Artwork by Colby H, Class of 2026.

By Colby H. '26

Artwork Chloe P, Class of 2026.

My 2020 Experience
By Chloe P. '26

Artwork by Cameron J, Class of 2026.

More Than A Game
By Cameron J. '26

Artwork by Caleb S, Class of 2026.

Changing Climates
By Caleb S. '26

Artwork by Avah D, Class of 2026.

By Avah D. '26