We seek to help the HRS community understand and empathize with how students experience our school.

Furthermore, we seek to commit to and sustain a culture of balance and well-being for adults and students in our community. We want all constituents to be explicitly taught strategies to promote emotional and physical well-being, as well as skills to cope with stress and worry.

We seek to utilize time in ways that support our goals concerning wellness and expectations, and to advocate for the value of PDF (play time, down time, family time) with all constituents. Mindfully addressing expectations and personal goals, we will strive to broaden the definition of success by championing learning and mastery, while shifting emphasis away from grades and performance. We seek to reduce stress and worry while promoting deep understanding, engagement, and academic excellence.

Aligned with Strategic Plan initiatives, Challenge Success at HRS aims to make measurable decreases in our students’ stress levels and increases in their engagement and wellbeing over what we measured in the spring of 2016. [Need a refresher? Here is a summary of the main findings of the data].



Parent Survey Data | Fall 2018

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Challenge Success Club

Initiated by founding Challenge Success team member Andrew B. ‘18, the student club hit the ground running in fall 2017 with a bias towards frequent and visible action. They have tackled concerns related to student-athletes, sponsored a “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” for December finals study day, and widely disseminated mental health resources.

  • Ellie and Conrad’s article - read more about how the CS club helped student athletes and their coaches have a better understanding of each other, leading to the creation of the Captains’ Council.

  • I Wish video - what students wish their parents, teachers, coaches, and peers/teammates knew about them


History of Challenge Success at HRS

Seeking to know how Challenge Success work started at HRS, and what we’ve been up to since? Start here.

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4th Grade Unit on Food & Nutrition Spring 2018

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