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Local Engagement

From kindergarten to senior year, our students connect with vibrant change-makers and impactful organizations throughout the East Bay for in-field learning, volunteering, and activism. To the best of our ever-growing ability, we approach these community connections with critical self-awareness and cultural humility. Head-Royce has a complicated history, one which we are openly examining as we cultivate responsible citizenship in our students.  

The School is currently committed to “driving deeper civic engagement and building authentic partnerships within Oakland and the local Bay Area”—an institutional value that strongly encourages our students’ political activism, social justice efforts, and collaborations with local groups. Since a Head-Royce education is committed to challenging the status quo, such local connections and collaborations help our students gain the insights, tools, and practice needed for creating a more just and healthy world.  

Head-Royce 1st grader writes a card for a patient at Highland Hospital.


An Upper School tutors a student at Glenview Elementary.


Spotlight: Local Engagement Initiatives