Global Engagement

Be it in the classroom or out in the field, the goal of our global education program is to instill in our students the competencies of a globally engaged citizen — one who is empathic, self-aware, able to connect across differences and understand multiple perspectives. The telos of acquiring such skills and traits is to practice responsible global citizenship by taking action on issues of equity and sustainability. 

The CCE provides experiential learning that empowers students to become engaged global citizens. 

Every year the CCE facilitates three to four global education study-travel programs. These trips are designed to foster deep reflection and community engagement at three levels: local, national, and global. We work hard to craft learning opportunities that aren’t available to the casual traveler, often forgoing popular tourist destinations to prioritize conversations with local activists and experts.

As part of our commitment to equity and inclusion, the CCE provides substantial financial aid to make these programs accessible to all students. We are able to offer aid to any student receiving tuition assistance once per division. We also support individual student travel through the Falik Fund for International Study Travel.

Spotlight: Global Engagement Initiatives