Curricular Connections

It is impossible to imagine the scope of Head-Royce’s community engagement work without a careful look at our curriculum and our ever-strengthening commitment to equity and inclusion. From our Kindergartners to our Seniors, every grade level at Head-Royce immerses students in curricula aiming to instill self-awareness, compassion for others, and purpose-driven action. Our goal is Mission-aligned and clear: to have the study and practice of equity, inclusion, and civic engagement suffuse every classroom. 

Leslie Powell (Lower School Assistant Head) and Danny Pando (Middle School Dean of Students) play the role of Community Engagement stewards in their divisions, ensuring that our coursework and co-curricular programming support the mindset, knowledge, and practices needed to cultivate active and responsible citizens. Nancy Feidelman, along with the Upper School Administration Team, leads the program for our high schoolers. Below you will find a brief overview of citizenship initiatives in each division.

Spotlight: Community Engagement in the Curriculum