Parking & Transportation


Athletics Visitor Parking Guide 
Fall 2021

o During construction on our new turf field, Lot F is closed.    

o Visitors may park:           

• in the Greek Church’s parking garage (4700 Lincoln Ave) or    

• in legal spots along the south side of Lincoln Ave. Check the City’s signs.             

o After 5 p.m., visitors may park in available spaces in Lots A–D.                                                      

o To access the Gym and Tennis Courts, enter campus through the Middle Gate.              

o  If the Middle Gate is closed (after 4:15 p.m.), please use the Gatehouse.


Click here for a printable map of the Head-Royce campus and available parking  

Click here for a map of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gym and parking

The Big 10 Driving Rules

Head-Royce has promised our neighbors, as a condition of being allowed to operate in this location, that all visitors, employees, parents, and students will respect the neighborhood. Violating these rules places the School in a very difficult position with our neighbors.

  1. Observe the traffic laws in our school zone.
  2. Respect the traffic monitors.
  3. Do not drop off or pick up below the Gatehouse on Lincoln Ave.
  4. Remain in your vehicle during drop-off and pick-up on Lincoln Ave.
  5. Do not make u-turns on Lincoln Ave., Alida St., Burlington St., Laguna Ave., or in the cul-de-sac.
  6. Do not use private driveways for turns, parking, waiting for pick-up or drop-off.
  7. Do not double park to drop off or pick up your student.
  8. Do not use Whittle Ave. to drop off or pick up your student.
  9. Know the dangers of loading and unloading the trunk during peak times.
  10. Jayhawks don’t jaywalk (and wear masks!).