Parents' Association

The Head-Royce PA welcomes you to the 2020-2021 school year!

As the Parents’ Association (PA), we venture into this school year with excitement for change and an openness to reimagining volunteer opportunities. The PA commits to fostering parent engagement in this season of distance learning and partnering together to build equity and inclusion among our entire K-12 community. We embrace diversity and cultural enrichment, support the students, faculty, and professional staff, and hope to inspire and uplift all community members through our committees, programs, and events. 

You, the Head-Royce parents and guardians, are the members of the Parents’ Association, and you embody the essence of our diverse, vibrant, and dedicated community. It is through your volunteer efforts and service that we can support all members of our school. We value your contributions, so we encourage everyone to get involved, though that will look different during the pandemic. This year, you might organize a virtual gathering––by grade-level, division, or affinity group––set-up a web-based field trip, or host a Zoom game night. It is vital that we find innovative ways to encourage connection and collaboration. 

This will be a unique year. The PA recognizes that we are all confronting different challenges. Let us remember that it will take creativity, courage, commitment, and community to move boldly forward in this time of change while we, the Head-Royce parents and guardians, contribute to make our School the place where all of our children can thrive. 

We express words of gratitude now for the time, talent, and treasure you kindly share with our community. Thank you for helping make the 2020-2021 school year special in its own way.

Go Jayhawks!

With gratitude,

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Vangeria Harvey
President, HRS Parents’ Association


PA Executive Board
Vangeria Harvey, President
Emily Sah, Vice President
Preety Kalra, Secretary
Laurie Schrager, Treasurer
Niki Ren, LS Liaison
Jiin Son, LS Liaison
Natalie Henrich, MS Liaison
Emily Newman, MS Liaison
Stephanie Brandt, US Liaison
Stephanie Coutu, US Liaison
PA Committees
Cultural Enrichment
Advances the cultural competencies of students, faculty, and families.
Annual Fundraiser
Organizes the PA’s main fundraising and community-building event.  
Share the Care
Organizes PA volunteers to help Head-Royce families in distress.
Shopping Rewards
Manages the PA’s fundraising efforts with shopping rewards programs. 
Spirit Wear
Manages the spirit wear store(s). 
Family Affinity Groups
  • Adoptive Family Network
  • African American Families Network
  • Asian Parents Network
  • Latino Families Network
  • Learning Differences Network
  • Gender and Sexuality Diversity Network
  • New in 2020: White Anti-Racist Family Network 
Learn more on the DEI webpage