Parents' Association

The Head-Royce Parents’ Association welcomes you to the 2019-2020 school year!

As a Head-Royce parent or guardian, you are a member of the Parents’ Association (PA). The Parents’ Association is here for you and to work on your behalf to facilitate parent involvement, engagement, and communication. In addition, the Parents’ Association strives to build community throughout Head-Royce and strongly supports the three tenets of our school along with the Bridge to 2022 strategic plan. The PA embraces diversity and cultural enrichment, supports the students, faculty and professional staff, and endeavors to inspire and uplift all community members through our committees, programs and events.

You, the HRS parents and guardians, are the jewels of our diverse, vibrant, and caring community. It is through your volunteer efforts and service that we can effectively and positively support all members of our school. We value you and your contributions. So, we encourage each of you to volunteer and get involved whether chaperoning on a field trip, organizing an activity, hosting a party, donating treats, cheering at an athletic game, or attending an event. We hope you take advantage of the many opportunities to be engaged, participate in activities, meet new people and have fun as our kids grow and learn.

The Parents’ Association is very excited for this upcoming year and want to highlight a few events planned for our community. We will begin the year with the All-School Fair, a spectacular HRS tradition, on Friday, September 27. This is a great event for parents and kids in all divisions to enjoy a K-12 experience. We invite you to join us at the PA Community Meeting on Wednesday, November 6 to connect with parents from all divisions. The Nia Speaker of Color Series and the CommunityEd Speaker Series will present an evening with best-selling author Angie Thomas on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. This will be a dynamic affair that you will not want to miss. Most definitely stay tuned for updates about our annual auction.

We extend words of gratitude now, for all that you give to the school from your time, talent and treasure. 

 We look forward to an amazing year! Get Involved and Go Jayhawks!

Vangeria Harvey, President of the HRS Parents’ Association

Parents' Association Executive Board

Vangeria Harvey, President
Emily Sah, Vice President
Stephanie Brandt, Secretary
Laurie Schrager, Treasurer
Tamila Copeland, LS Liaison
Carrie Levy, LS Liaison
Natalie Henrich, MS Liaison
Linda Hong, MS Liaison
Stephanie Coutu, US Liaison
Kari Jeffs, US Liaison

Family Affinity Groups

More than 20 years ago, the Head Royce Board of Trustees strengthened the school's mission to include a commitment to foster an understanding of and respect for the diversity that has made our society strong. To this end, several Family Affinity Groups have formed and invite you to join them for their various activities, all in the spirit of building a stronger HRS community.

  • Adoptive Family Network
  • African American Families Network
  • Asian Parents Network
  • Latino Families Network
  • Learning Differences Network
  • Gender and Sexuality Diversity Network