Class Agents

Be a Class Agent and Help Strengthen the Head-Royce Alumni Community!

Thank you for considering being the Class Agent for your class! This is a very important role as the bonds within our alumni community would not be possible without the help of classmates reaching out to each other.

Being a class agent is not very time-consuming and revolves around these few suggested annual tasks:

  • Alumni Notes: Twice a year, Head-Royce publishes a community-wide magazine with a robust alumni section. When the call for content occurs, the Alumni Relations Office will ask you to reach out to your classmates to request content for the magazines - alumni notes, photos or updates on their lives. Or if you are aware of classmates with more story-worthy items (personal or professional achievements), let us know so that we can contact them to write a feature-length article.
  • Reunion: During your reunion year, reach out to classmates and encourage them to attend. Optional: help organize a class-only event during Alumni Weekend.
  • Contact Information: If you hear of a change of address or email, please inform the Alumni Office so that we have the most current contact information. If we are looking for a ‘lost alumni’, we would love your help in contacting other classmates who might know where they are.
  • Be a resource for the Alumni Office: As your class agent, you will be well ‘in-the-know’ about the goings on and happenings in your classmates’ lives. The Alumni Office would love to reach out to you when looking for specific alumni, for example, if we are looking for an alumnus/a in a specific field of work to come speak to our students, or someone living in a particular area of the world or if we are planning an alumni event in your region, we would love to contact you to get your advice about possible venues and timing.
  • *Facebook Group: If your class does not already have a Facebook group, please consider creating one. Posting information, news, updates and event information will make it much easier to inform your classmates.


What is the term for a class agent?

  • There is no set maximum or minimum number of years as a class agent, but we would prefer a commitment of at least two years.

If interested, please contact Julie Kim-Beal in the Alumni Relations Office - or 510.228.1591.


Current Class Agents:

You can find contact information for your class agent via the Head-Royce Alumni Directory.

1943 - Bebe Moorhead Heggie ‘43

1944 - Joyanne Elkinton-Walker '44

1948 - Sue Morrison Ahlf ‘48

1952 - Martha Jones ‘52

1953 - Jeannine Hull Herron ‘53

1956 - Alexandra "Sandy" James '56

1957 - Molly Harris '57

1966 - Liz Bateman ‘66

1968 - Joyce Boykin ‘68

1969 - Hatti Saunders '69

1970 - Lee Stubbs '70

1971 - Kate Johnson Spector '71

1973 - Laura Getman ‘73

1977 - Amy Beernink '77

1978 - Wayne Killen ‘78

1979 - Dan Duman '79

1982 - Carolyn McNiven ‘82

1986 - Michelle Gildersleeve ‘86

1988 - Sara Buckelew ‘88, Kristin Clark Dwelley ‘88

1989 - Jenny Collins '89

1991 - Ingrid Mandel Chiavacci '91

1992 - Ann Hertelendy '92

1996 - Kirsty Brown Gumina ‘96

1997 - Laurel DeMaria Dobbin ‘97

1998 - Harris Brody ‘98, Stephen Baird ‘98

1999 - Sarah Boolani-Paroo '99

2003 - Julie Whorton ‘03, Sarah Louie ‘03

2007 - Jake Bauch '07, Laura Zeidan '07

2008 - Ariane Chee ‘08, Camden Louie, 08

2009 - Adam Freed '09, Celest Wong '09

2013 - Travis Pillon ‘13

2014 - Kelly Fujimoto '14

2015 - Jessica Xu '15

2017 - Bea Rose '17

2018 - Oona Julien ‘18

2019 - Simi Gill '19