Alumni Weekend & Reunion 2020 - Postponed

Dear Alumni,

After much deliberation and in consultation with the School’s administration, the Alumni Council and members of the alumni community, we have decided not to proceed with the 2020 Alumni Weekend & Reunion events on April 24 & 25.

The health and well-being of our community members is our utmost priority so we have decided to postpone this year’s reunion for the class years ending in 0 and 5 and hold a combined reunion in Spring 2021 with the classes ending in 1 and 6.

This decision was made with great consideration and takes into account several factors including:

  • The recommendations by local health departments to cancel large events and gatherings.

  • The risk to the most vulnerable members of our alumni and faculty community, who are advised not to travel and avoid exposure to large groups.

  • Allowing alumni traveling from abroad to attend.

We know that many of you were looking forward to seeing classmates and celebrating a wonderful milestone next month, but we hope that by combining reunions for next year, it affords you the opportunity to reconnect not only with your classmates, but those in adjacent classes with whom you were close.

We are deeply grateful for your understanding and flexibility during this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

With warmest regards,

Julie Kim-Beal

Director of Alumni Relations & Events


Your 2020 Reunion Agents:

1950 (70th) - Joan Davidson Denzler

1955 (65th) - Marylin Livingston

1965 (55th) Ann Peterson Zeise

1970 (50th) - Lee Stubbs

1980 (40th) - Ann Bruner Nash,  Shelby Tupper

1990 (30th) - Julie Veit

1995 (25th) - Heather Erickson, Ito Ripsteen

2000 (20th) - Suzy Klein, Mark Schneider, Vicki Calef

2005 (15th) - Tyler Infelise

2010 (10th) - Bradley Chee

2015 (5th) - Jessica Xu