Henri Picciotto

Henri Picciotto is a math education author and consultant. He received his BA and MA in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley. Henri has retired from the classroom after 42 years of teaching at every level from counting to calculus. He is the inventor of the Lab Gear, a hands-on environment for algebra, and is in fact a leading authority on the use of manipulatives and geometric puzzles in secondary school. He has been an enthusiastic (and skeptical) user of electronic learning environments since the early days of the personal computer. He has presented hundreds of workshops to teachers. Henri shares his ideas about pedagogy, and much curriculum, on his Math Education Page (www.MathEducationPage.org) and his blog (blog.MathEducationPage.org). His cryptic crosswords appear in The Nation every week.

Mr. Picciotto's Testimonials:

Henri’s Visual Algebra course gave me so much interesting content — multiple perspectives on concepts and lots of ideas for differentiating lessons. His workshops are good for aligning with the Common Core and best math practices. Definitely worth it!

— Alina M., middle school math teacher, Seattle WA

Good PD gives you a few ideas that help you improve your teaching. Truly great PD changes how you teach. By that standard, Henri’s workshops are beyond great — they have transformed the way I set up student-centered learning experiences in my classroom. Whether through ideas for engaging students or ways to extend student-centered learning in advanced classes, Henri models how teachers create learning communities. And not only does he share incredible ideas and designs in the workshops; he also creates community among his teacher-participants. I am still learning from people with whom I studied, and I continue to benefit from his generous mentorship. I cannot recommend Henri’s workshops highly enough.

— Elizabeth S, Ph.D., high school math teacher, San Francisco CA