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NIA Endowed Scholarship for Students of Color

NIA is the Swahili word meaning “purpose.” NIA encourages us to look within ourselves and set goals that are beneficial to the community. It represents our hopes and dreams for the future of our children and future of Head-Royce. As a group of parents, faculty and administrators, we collectively strive to foster community spirit within Head-Royce while building partnerships with community groups, individuals and businesses.

NIA was established in 2003 when four Head-Royce mothers met to discuss how they could contribute and support the three tenets of the Head-Royce mission — scholarship, diversity and citizenship. It was decided to host an annual speakers event that would be open to the Head-Royce and greater Oakland community. These founding members also had an equally important goal to establish an endowed scholarship to support the tuition for students of color admitted to Head-Royce School.

Visit the NIA Endowed Scholarship for Students of Color webpage for more information.