Parking and Traffic

As a condition of enrollment, parents and guardians must agree to abide by the parking and traffic guidelines outlined in our Transportation Policy Guide (TPG).

The TPG outlines specific procedures intended to mitigate the impact of the school on our neighbors' quality of life, while it also provides information about carpooling and bus options, which the School promotes as one of the greatest ways to reduce our impact on the neighborhood and reduce the number of single-car trips made to campus daily.

Traffic Monitors

Head-Royce has contracted security staff to help enforce neighborhood traffic rules and monitor specific areas of concern. Our Director of Operations, Ana Gomez, is involved in ensuring that all security staff are properly trained and enforcing all stated rules with consistency and attention.


Every attempt is made to have all large deliveries made during school hours only so as to minimize neighborhood noise and disruption. Deliveries to the School are directed to our gate at Whittle Avenue in accordance with Condition 25. When deliveries are attempted at the Lincoln Avenue Gatehouse, drivers are re-routed unless staff is occupied and thus unaware that a delivery is being made. All vendors have received a memo outlining our delivery rules. The School has pledged to contact contractors who do not abide by these rules to remind them of this strict policy. The School also requests smaller trucks whenever possible.