Per our Conditions of Approval, there is to be no amplified sound without a required permit: "Noise levels from the activity, property, or any mechanical equipment on site or as a result of school operations shall comply with the performance standards of Section 17.120 of the Oakland Planning Code and Section 8.18 of the Oakland Municipal Code. If noise levels exceed these standards, the activity causing the noise shall be abated until appropriate noise reduction measures have been installed and compliance verified by the Planning and Zoning Division and Building Services. No outdoor amplified sound equipment shall be used on the campus without a permit from the City Manager’s office. For the purposes of this permit, 'amplified sound equipment' includes bull horns, air horns, or loud speakers."

A note on the use of generators on campus: On occasion, generators are used to inflate "bouncy houses" for student recreation. In an effort to minimize noise for neighbors, the frequency of this activity has been significantly reduced from prior years. In addition, the School has committed to using lower horsepower generators whenever possible, so as to minimize noise.




Conditions of Approval
#19: Operational Noise General