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In 2012, Head-Royce School was presented with the transformative opportunity to purchase the former Lincoln Child Center (located across the street at 4368 Lincoln Avenue) to create additional learning spaces that further support the educational goals, strategic vision, and core values of the School.

The proposed plan we have presented to the City of Oakland incorporates years of detailed feedback we have received from neighbors, which helped us identify innovative solutions to top areas of neighborhood concern, including process/transparency, traffic/parking, facility use, noise and neighborhood character. In particular, we have worked hard to address our neighbors’ longstanding concerns around traffic congestion on Lincoln during pick-up and drop-off. The master plan will be transformative for the student experience at Head-Royce, yet it exercises a light touch from a construction-and-use standpoint.

The school and its team are in the midst of the entitlements process, during which the City will formally consider our plan for approval and conduct in-depth studies to assess impacts related to traffic, site ecology, and drainage, among other elements. We value your participation in this process and hope that ultimately City leaders agree that we have worked together to craft a plan that works not just for Head-Royce, but for our entire community.

Master Plan Feedback Form

All feedback forms are read closely and discussed within the internal Head-Royce Master Plan working group. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. The School anticipates being able to address many of the recurrent themes through the Project Description and Environmental Impact Report.

Project Resources

Aerial image of South Campus property

Preapplication for Preliminary Development Project (filed July 6, 2018)

Application for Preliminary Development Project (filed December 20, 2018)

Notice of Preparation

Master Plan Neighborhood Meeting Materials | 4/25/2018

On 4/25/18, Head-Royce hosted a Neighborhood Meeting to give an update on the School's Master Plan and preview the vision for the former Lincoln Child Center. Related materials are linked below:

Slideshow Presentation
Meeting Summary

Master Plan Neighborhood Meeting Materials | 5/7/2019

On 5/7/19, Head-Royce hosted a Neighborhood Meeting to give a spring update on the School's Master Plan. Related materials are linked below:

Slideshow Presentation
Meeting Summary