Civic purpose is a vital part of our mission and we are dedicated to fostering in our students a lifelong commitment to constructive and responsible global citizenship. Our goal is to prepare citizen leaders who demonstrate social responsibility, an ethic of service, a deep appreciation of diversity and a passion for democratic ideals. To achieve this mission, Head-Royce offers a K-12 service-learning program that emphasizes our students' political awareness, nurtures our innovative partnerships and fosters global perspective in the educational program. The school actively engages its students, faculty, staff, board, parents, and alumni in meeting our civic purpose commitment.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

Social-emotional growth is essential to the overall development of each student to become good citizens. We nurture students to be confident in their social and emotional abilities.

Student Support Services

We provide our educators with tools and programs to promote social-emotional development of each student which is implemented daily by classroom teachers working in small classes and in close relationship with their students.

Community Service

Service learning provides students with an opportunity to get experience on a variety of social issues and to see first-hand the effect of these on the community. See our Schools section for how we incorporate community service into our Lower, Middle and Upper School curriculum.

HRS Honor Code

Our school community is built on trust. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of our mission of scholarship, diversity, and citizenship. As a member of the Head-Royce community I pledge to embrace two core values: respect and responsibility. I will respect others and myself, I will accept responsibility for my actions, and I will be honest in my daily work and conduct.