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Mentoring or Speaking


We are always looking for alumni to help inspire and guide our current students and young alums. We have seen again and again that even a small gesture on your part goes a long way in supporting our students' investigations of possible career paths and interests. Ways that alumni have engaged include:

  • Speaking at our annual Adulting 101 event
  • Conducting mock college interviews for our seniors
  • Sharing experiences and insight with our juniors and seniors looking at colleges
  • Speaking at assemblies
  • Speaking with our student Affinity and Alliance Groups for alumni who share affinities
  • Being a Senior Project supervisor
  • Being a 9th grade I-Search Project resource
  • Providing summer job and internship opportunities
  • Providing a high school Intersession experience

If you are interested in working with our students or alumni, please register on the online Alumni Community and indicate the extent you want to be involved. And perhaps after a little exposure to our truly vibrant students, you might be hooked and inspired to do even more "mentoring" in the future.

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