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We are always looking for alumni to help inspire and guide our current students and young alums through our Adulting 101 signature program. The components of this program—and the ways in which you can participate—include:

  • Adulting 101 Lunch and Learns: Alumni come to campus to speak with students during their lunch time, sharing information about their careers and life interests.
  • Adulting 101 Keynote Speakers: Alumni present about their area of expertise to students during assemblies and in class.
  • Intersession Workshops: Alumni present a two-day workshop on their area of expertise during the winter Upper School Intersession.
  • Mock College Interviews: In partnership with the College Counseling Office, Head-Royce School Seniors can practice their college interview skills with an HRS alum who will provide feedback, advice, and guidance.
  • College Connections and Resources: Head-Royce School Juniors and Seniors can connect with alumni who currently attend schools they are interested in, to learn more about the student experience and life on campus. Alumni are oftentimes happy to provide on-site tours. Each winter, a panel of college alumni participate of a Back-to-Campus Upper School Assembly.
  • i-Search/Senior Projects: Alumni serve as research resources or supervisor for these grade-level capstone projects.
  • Summer Internships and Opportunities: In partnership with the Center for Community Engagement, the Alumni Office works to procure relevant summer internships, jobs, and experiences for current US students, matching them with opportunities that align with their interests and goals.
  • Affinity Groups: The alumni community is actively expanding various affinity group spaces. Some of their current work involves meeting with student affinity groups during Alumni Weekend, and the Latinx Hispanic and Black Alumni Affinity Groups host a graduation stole ceremony for identifying seniors before graduation.

If you are interested in working with our students or alumni, please register on the online Alumni Community and indicate the extent you want to be involved. Perhaps, after a little exposure to our truly vibrant students, you might be hooked and inspired to do even more mentoring in the future.


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Adulting 101 Lunch and Learn
February 2024

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Alumni Back-to-Campus Panel
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