Our Community

At Head-Royce we pride ourselves on developing successful leaders for tomorrow and serving the City of Oakland and beyond. That’s why we are passionately driven by our mission of scholarship, diversity and citizenship. Our focus on community starts from the inside through an academic program that promotes the study and appreciation of all forms of diversity – including race, culture, religion, socio-economic, family structure, learning differences, gender and sexual orientation. It extends outward in the form of service learning, community service, volunteerism, sponsorships, Board involvement, local business practices and being a proactive partner in our neighborhood.

“In working at the Berkeley Men’s Shelter, you find yourself connecting and talking to people who may have not “succeeded” but the lessons and advice they are able to give I count as equal to any equation I could have learned or thesis I could have created.” – Max A.

“I really enjoyed helping Sausal Creek because it is our local watershed and provides water to the plants around it.” – Dhruva S.
“I enjoyed stomping in the cool, green water. I love testing things no matter what and this is important work because the creek helps a lot of plants grow.”—Johnny W.