Affording HRS

Head-Royce continues its strong commitment to socioeconomic diversity through its financial assistance programs. Like most independent schools, Head-Royce offers need-based financial aid grants – the difference between the family's resources and the cost of a student's educational expenses.

For the 2016–2017 school year, the School granted nearly $5 million to 225 students in Grades K-12. In addition, the Board of Trustees annually budgets additional money to support high school students in a work-study program. This year, $15,000 is designated to support the work-study program.

Head-Royce and many other independent schools use the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) from the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) to do a standardized calculation to determine need.

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) maintains the website for School and Student Services (SSS) with extensive resources of information including case studies, scholarship providers, financial aid tips, and frequently asked questions. Please click here to learn more about financial aid in independent schools.

Applying for Financial Aid

Step 1

Complete Parent Financial Statement (PFS)

Please note: In case of divorce or separation, both parents are required to complete the following steps in their entirety.

Visit SSS by NAIS website to submit the PFS online. The application for the 2018–2019 school year is available after October 2, 2017. Please note there is a $49 application fee and the Head-Royce SSS code is 3790.

  • Current Head-Royce families must submit the PFS by December 19, 2017.
  • Families applying for admission to Head-Royce must submit the PFS by January 12, 2018.

    If you are a sibling Head-Royce family with a student in the applicant pool for 2018–2019, submit your PFS by January 12, 2018.

Step 2

Submit supporting documentation

The follow supporting documentation should be submitted to SSS by February 12, 2018.

  • Signed copies of 2017 and 2016 IRS 1040 forms including all schedules.
  • Copies of 2017 and 2016 W2 forms.
  • If you are a shareholder in an S-Corporation or a partner in a Partnership (listed on Schedule E of your 1040), please submit the corresponding Schedule K-1, as well as the 1120S and/or Form 1065.
  • Form 4506-T (Complete items 1-5, sign, and do not date or send fee).

To ensure financial aid consideration, please be sure to meet all deadlines. We will communicate financial aid decisions to returning students in late February and to new students in mid-March with their admission decision.

To check receipt and status of your supporting documentation, or if you have any questions, please email SSS by NAIS or call the SSS helpline at 1-800-344-8328.

Schedule of Tuition for the 2017-2018 Year


Tuition and fees cover all costs except textbooks, supplies, class trips, food, individual lessons, after school care, and electives.

The Head-Royce Financial Aid Office is available to help. Call us with your questions at (510) 531-1300 x2509.

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