In each of our three divisions, Lower (K-5), Middle (6-8) and Upper (9-12), we have created a developmentally appropriate program that is challenging, inspires a love of learning, and augments the many academic and interpersonal strengths our diverse student body bring to class each day.

The Lower School academic program provides a strong foundation of concepts and skills in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, art, foreign language, library, music, physical education, and technology in a supportive environment. Teachers integrate hands-on activities, simulations, field trips, service learning, and multimedia projects with the academic program. Basic skills are taught in a sequential program that progresses within the grade level and across the six year Lower School program.
In Middle and Upper School, students continue to gain skills and knowledge in all of the core academic areas of English, history, science, math and world language (French, Latin, Spanish and Chinese), and have the opportunity to explore new areas in visual and performing arts, computer science, and other electives such as debate. Students at each grade level work with passionate teachers to gain knowledge and to expand their critical thinking through research projects, lab experiments and hands-on activities. Whether students are building their own “Rube-Goldberg” maze in science or conducting a personal interview for the “I-Search,” they are using their intellectual and interpersonal skills to grow into compassionate global citizens.

Read more about our educational philosophy: Head-Royce Principles of Good Practice for 21st Century Teaching and Learning. If you have any questions about the academic program, you can contact the Dean of Academics & Community.

"You are not just teachers to have prepared us to take our place in the world as scholars and more importantly you have prepared us to take our place in the world as adults." — Alison Simons, Class of 2016