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Upper School Senior Week

Upper school students are just beginning to recover from the hustle and bustle of submitting a large portion of their college applications​ on November 1​. But if it weren't for Senior Week, dealing with the stress of the deadlines, on top of schoolwork, would have been ​much more challenging for some. 

Senior Week is an extension of College Blast, and Head-Royce faculty helped students prepare for the college application deadlines by limiting class assignments and making themselves available for support. On top of finishing college essays and applications, some students also visited college campuses of their choice.

“Students can visit colleges in the summer or spring, but they aren’t seeing the same college – they’re seeing the buildings. When they visited, we wanted them to get a sense of the college’s culture and the professors, which is why we wanted them to visit while school was in session,” said Carrie Horsey, Associate Director of College Counseling.

If students weren’t able to visit colleges, they were still given the week to complete anything else needed in preparation for application deadlines. Head-Royce’s college counselors encouraged seniors to submit their materials early ​so they could get back to the business of being high school seniors.

"The week was a great gift to students, and they were even better at writing college essays in mid-October than they were back in August," Horsey said. 

Although the looming college application deadlines added some pressure to the students’ already-full schedules, most were thankful for the reprieve they received from their teachers.

“If we had to do all of the college work on top of our regular homework and assignments, it would have been too much,” Anjali D. ’18 said. “Plus, our dean, Andy Spear, really advocated for us and made sure that the teachers were sticking to the plan,” she added.

Throughout Senior Week, students congregated in different areas of the Upper School, but many could be found in the college counseling office, where they ate snacks, lounged on comfy chairs, and connected with their peers for additional support.

“It was a lot of stress, but being around my friends and being able to talk to the counselors was really nice,” Winnie C. ’18 said.

To Horsey’s knowledge, Head-Royce is unique in offering seniors an entire week dedicated to getting ahead of the college application process. 

Now that the applications have been submitted, early decision and early action decisions for most colleges will come out ​mid-December. 

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