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TEACHING & LEARNING: 7th Graders Complete Year-long Science Project

Hypothesizing, collected data, iterating, and recollecting data - this is the fairly involved process that has been underway in the 7th grade since last September. It’s all part of the year-long science project in the Middle School.

At the beginning of the school year, students were asked to pick a topic or issue around social justice or technology that they could improve.

“We wanted the students to think about how they could peer review, edit their work, and retest. We wanted to show them that science is a continual process and not just something you do one test with and you’re done,” Middle School Assistant Head Brian Barish said.

The projects varied and included inquiries such as, “Does the color of paper affect your memory?” and “How does competition affect performance?” For many students, the projects had concrete results, but for others, the testing was inconclusive.

“I used typing to see if adding competition to a task would affect performance. In some of my testing, people did better in practice tests because the element of competition wasn’t there. But for others, the element of competition added excitement and made them perform better,” Hedy F. ’23 said.

Students had to present their work to their peers in 5-minute presentations, respond to questions, and reflect on what they could have done differently to yield better results.

“After looking at all of my results, I definitely could have done better by testing an equal amount of boys and girls - I tested mostly girls,” Hedy said.

This is the 6th year the Middle School has done this project with the students.

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