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Taking Flight: A New Year Begins

The entire Head-Royce student body and professional community gathered together in the Chapman Pavilion on Thursday to celebrate the beginning of the 2017–2018 school year with the annual opening ceremony, Taking Flight.

Each grade, from K to 12, occupied a specific spot on the Pavilion floor to collectively create a circular clock pattern, which served as a literal representation of the entire progression through the grades. Head-Royce's award-winning choral group, Colla Voce, kicked off the ceremony with a high-energy song that had the crowd clapping along!

Student body co-presidents Noah T. '18 and Coner N. '18, then addressed the entire student body with clever speeches full of good advice for their peers. They encouraged students to appreciate the small moments throughout their Head-Royce experience and to try to remain present. Student representatives from the Lower and Middle Schools also offered sage advice to their peers throughout the divisions.

Following annual tradition, students then walked with their teachers down Lincoln Avenue and re-entered the School through the front gate, where they were met with applause (and lots of high-fives!) from the professional community. What a wonderful way to officially kick off the school year!


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