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Head-Royce Professional Community Gears Up for the 2017–2018 School Year

On Monday, August 21, we welcomed the newest members of our professional community to campus--an eager and impressive group of talented administrators, teachers and staff! The rest of the week saw the entire professional community–-both new and returning–-come together for an energizing program of meetings, workshops, and activities, all thoughtfully designed to lay important groundwork for a successful year ahead.

On Wednesday, August 23, our entire professional community participated in a creative K-12 In-Service activity (led by K-8 Technology and Design Integrationist Jonathan Braidman) which challenged us to collaborate in teams to build out each letter of the School's name using pieces of lumber, screws, tape, markers, and decorative shrubbery. This activity illustrated our ability to learn new skills (how to use a power drill, for one!), work as a team and create a final project we all cared about. Afterwards, Carla Silver, Executive Director of Leadership + Design, led us in an exercise that allowed us think more deeply about the practical steps we can each take to create a personally and professionally enriching year ahead.

The week closed with a keynote address by educator and activist Glenn E. Singleton (author of one of the four professional community summer reading selections, Courageous Conversations), who led us in a workshop focused on the impact of race on our personal and professional lives. Singleton shared how sitting in honest and open discussion with colleagues who experience the world differently can help us to create a more empathetic and equitable learning environment. It was a powerful experience that enabled us to reflect as a community on the importance of staying focused on our mission and our values of inclusivity and tolerance.

We are all eagerly looking forward to welcoming our new and returning students back to campus next week and have so much to share with them this year!

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