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FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP: Head-Royce Earns Green Certification Again!

Following several months of city inspections and hard work involving faculty, staff and students, Head-Royce has earned recertification with the Bay Area Green Business Program.

In order to earn renewal, the School had to be evaluated in several areas related to sustainability, including energy efficiency, waste reduction, pollution prevention, water conservation, and stormwater management.

“Achieving this certification required that we open ourselves up to inspections from the City of Oakland, Oakland Fire, EBMUD, and Alameda County. Our transparency and willingness to grow and improve upon our sustainable practices on campus builds trust with these entities,” said Head-Royce teacher and Sustainability Director, Gene Vann.

For the past several years, Vann and members of the School’s Green Council have made great strides in reducing energy consumption and waste on campus. Last year, students, faculty, and administrators participated in Zero Waste Week, a project aimed at completely eliminating the amount of waste being sent to landfills. To meet the goal, color-coded recycling, compost, and garbage bins were installed in every building and office across campus. Waste was then weighed and sorted at division assemblies so that the community could actually see the amount and type of waste it was generating. The practice of sorting discards encouraged people to become more aware of excess waste and the ways we needlessly contribute to emissions in the atmosphere.

This summer, Carbon Lighthouse, our sustainability partner and green energy supplier, will install additional solar panels on the hillside near the athletic fields. The additional panels will produce approximately 330,000 Wh (watt-hours) of electricity and, along with our current array of panels, will satisfy roughly 64% of the School's electricity needs (an increase of 48%!) and save the School significant resources annually.

“Moves like this not only support our Green Mission, but also helps us model sustainable practices for our K-12 students,” Vann said.

The green recertification is just one way the School is carrying out its strategic plan goals of financial sustainability and civic engagement. To learn more about the ways our School is creating a greener community, visit the sustainability page.

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