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EQUITY & INCLUSION: School-wide Art Project Highlights Equity & Inclusion on Campus

Responses to a question that was posed to all Head-Royce students, teachers, and administrators at the beginning of the school year have taken shape in the form of a colorful mural in the middle school hallway.

The collage of artwork is the result of a K-12 art project introduced by the Fine Arts Department. To get a sense of our community’s views on our Strategic Plan pillars of equity and inclusion, art teachers asked faculty, students, and employees a simply question: “What does equity and inclusion at Head-Royce look like to you?”

“We talked about the project at the beginning of the year in our opening meetings. We were so shook up about the events from last summer (Charlottesville), and we wanted to find ways to talk to students about what we perceived to be an abnormal climate of hate in the United States. We decided to create art around a positive message. It’s also powerful because it’s based on personal reflection,” art teacher Ann Murphy said.

More than 500 community members participated in the project. They were asked to create a graphic representation of equity and inclusion on a small index card.

“I loved all the use of text and the variety of mediums people used in the project. Interpretations ranged from iconic symbols like hearts, globes, and hands of different shades, but also, some very specific incidents or memories as well. We received everything from photographs to a cut-up dollar bill!” art teacher Emily Miller said.

When the cards are displayed together, it is a powerful statement that artistically conveys the wide range of thought at the School when it comes to equity and inclusion.

“It was beautiful to see the varied interpretations of the question from the youngest artists to the oldest artists side-by-side. Each participant got to reflect on what our ideal community includes, for us to collectively envision a better world,” teacher Marissa Kunz said.

In an age and environment where everything moves so rapidly, teachers agree that it has been a delight to see people stop and linger in front of the artwork, and discover something new each time. The art project will remain on display in the middle school hallway for the remainder of the school year.

Bird's Eye View is a story series highlighting our work towards the initiatives and goals laid out in our Strategic Plan: Bridge to 2022.

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