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Embracing Our Values

Dear Families and HRS Community:

The tragic loss of lives—those of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and before that, the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, among so many others due to racial violence—are unconscionable and call upon us to be visible in our outrage and, more importantly, our resolve to work for change. Personally, I can’t begin to express the pain I am feeling at this point in our history and in our world. And, I can’t help but think about how we, as a country, have lost an opportunity to “be better” rather than hide behind fear and inaction. Ending this violence will require a united and sustained stance against racism and hatred in all its forms. We—as educators, parents and colleagues—must commit ourselves to doing all we can to actively interrupt the persistent systemic racism that is laid bare before us.

As a school community, we are feeling this deeply. In our final week of classes, we have plans for age-appropriate discussion with both students and adults on racial inequity and violence—and how to meaningfully address it both individually and collectively. As a community we remain committed to continuing the important work of keeping our mission and values at the forefront, strengthening our cultural competency, and supporting a genuine exchange of perspectives and honest reckoning of our individual identities and realities and how they intersect. 

Please look for more specific updates in tomorrow’s eLines from divisional leaders on plans for the week ahead. We know this has been a topic of deep discussion at home for many families. If your children want to talk to you about current circumstances, please answer their questions honestly and with compassion and ask them to think about what they stand for, giving them the freedom and the wisdom to speak out and to speak up.

In one of my most well-read essay collections, “Strength to Love,” Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. states that we must get rid of old systems of “exploitation and oppression” and herald in “new systems of equity and justice.” As we graduate students this week, we hope and believe that they will have the ability to move the country and world to a better place. I pledge to do the same for Head-Royce. Please join me. 

In partnership,

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Crystal Land
Head of School

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