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Coming Soon: Nods and Becks’s new issue, “Horizon”

Written by Keri Keifer

L: Sara C. '20 FaceTime interviews Peter Alexander '94.    R: Before the shelter-in-place order began, the Nods and Becks graphics staff posed for a silly photo. ​​​​​​Front: Ann Murphy, Faculty Advisor, Rachel B. ’23, Jessica F. ’21, Hana R. ’20, Madison H. ’22, Margaret R. ’22, Cheye Pagel, Faculty. Row 2: Erin O.’23, Anya K. ’21, Morgan M. ’20, Amzie B. ’20, Sara C. ’20. Row 3: Zoe B. ’21, Abby E. ’22, Malena C. ’22, Rishi D. ’22, Theo W. ’23, Subby U.’23. Row 4: Eli S. ’21, Kendall H. ’21, Aaron F. ’22


Thanks to the fearless editors, the hard-working graphics team, and the School’s Technology Department, the 2019–2020 issue of Nods and Becks, “Horizon,” will arrive in early June.

While late March is typically busy for the yearbook staff––as they work on the book’s finishing touches, highlighting special events and the graduating senior class––this year, the Covid-19 shelter-in-place order upended the usual process and timeline. Thankfully, the senior editors Sara C. ’20 and Amzie B. ’20 have great instincts and did not despair over the difficult situation. The two led the charge, working tirelessly. This team was not going to be daunted by a pandemic!

Unable to visit campus to access their files, the editors sprung into action and, within hours and with key help from the Tech Department, Sara C. ’20 and Amzie B. ’20 were able to download the entire yearbook file. For the ensuing days, the full team worked tirelessly from their homes, adding and editing content until the book was ready for the printer. 

Sara, in an exceptional, last-minute effort, secured an interview with NBC News National Correspondent Peter Alexander ’94. “Given the School’s early closure, I had to search for the right content to fill up the last few pages of the yearbook. On the one hand, I didn’t want ‘Horizon’ to be the ‘Coronavirus Yearbook,’ because this school year, and this Senior Class is much more than that,” says Sara. “On the other hand, this is an unprecedented moment in time that must be remembered. As the Coronavirus situation became serious enough for Head-Royce students to shelter in place and transition to distance learning, I reached out to Peter Alexander on a whim. Thinking no one as busy as he would respond, I carried on, turning in the yearbook as scheduled. Unexpectedly, Alexander returned my email with an enthusiastic ‘Go Jayhawks!’” For a sneak peek of the yearbook, read Sara’s interview with Peter here

Please join us in thanking the Nods and Becks editors and staff for ensuring the 2019–2020 school year will be commemorated and celebrated. Yearbooks will be available to all Upper School students in June.

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