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CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Parent Fellowship Cohort Visits Head-Royce

Head-Royce is always looking for opportunities to partner with other community organizations in Oakland, especially those that focus on advocacy around education.  We recently had a valuable opportunity to align with Oakland Family Fellowship to engage in a wider conversation geared towards advancing the state of education in Oakland.

Hosted by the HRS Admissions Office, along with Heads Up, the College Counseling Office, and the After-School Program, the Oakland Family Advocacy Fellowship cohort consisted of parents from district and charter schools who observe other school models to glean perspective on how the educational experience of their own students might be transformed.

“Our parents need to do the necessary groundwork and research and to be exposed to how other schools operate so that when we think about how to make our own school system better, we can pull from real examples,” one parent from the group said. “We want to have similar strategies and approaches to learning in our schools when it comes to class sizes, class structure, tenor of teachers, and the approach to curriculum.”

“Both independent and public schools together are responsible for advancing the state of education in Oakland. Partnering with community organizations that have the advancement of educational opportunities for Oakland students as their mission and focus helps bring us to the table to be a part of the conversation,” said Christian Donovan, Head-Royce Director of Admissions.

Parents who attended the visit toured each division, talked to students and teachers, and were able to engage in thoughtful dialogue with leaders of Heads Up, the After-School Program, and College Counseling Office. Throughout each phase of their visit, the parents shared that their inspiration grew. While walking around campus they commented on how empowered Head-Royce students seemed and how they wanted to bring that same feeling of empowerment to their students.

“Public schools have a certain financial strain, but innovation doesn’t require a lot of money. It requires having the right voices and leadership at the table,” one parent said.

With our Strategic Plan goal of civic engagement in mind, school leaders hope to continue partnering with local organizations so that the School can become more embedded in the fabric of the Oakland community, and hope to have reciprocal relationships with those organizations.

“We are proud to be an Oakland school that serves students locally. In addition, by partnering with local organizations I hope we are able to offer our students opportunities for real-world learning,” Donovan said.

Bird's Eye View is a story series highlighting our work towards the initiatives and goals laid out in our Strategic Plan: Bridge to 2022.

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