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Campus Master Plan Unveiled

With the 2013 purchase of eight acres of adjacent land across Lincoln Avenue, we have an unparalleled opportunity to make sure our physical spaces can keep pace with the caliber of our academic offerings.

The new South Campus will be profoundly transformational, featuring state-of-the-art labs for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), hands-on learning and multidisciplinary exploration, and utilizing cutting-edge teaching equipment, technology and flexible design.

A state-of-the art, flexible performance space for theater, music, and dance will showcase the importance of performing arts as a vital element to our whole-child philosophy, and also allow the HRS community to gather together in a single space.

We also have an unparalleled opportunity to open nature’s doors to the Head-Royce community on a daily basis with an Educational Open Space, which will feature gathering spaces for functional outdoor classrooms, small group work, and collaborative learning.

A proposed new two-lane loop driveway will move student drop-off and pickup-up off of Lincoln Avenue and a pedestrian link below Lincoln Avenue will allow students to safely travel back and forth between the North and South campuses.

Visit the Master Plan section of our website to learn more about how this exciting project will substantially augment the student experience!  

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