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BALANCE & WELL-BEING: No New Homework Mondays Back for Third Year in Middle School

For many students, the transition from Lower School to Middle School can be quite a stressful period. Instead of going to a single classroom and having the consistency of one teacher, students shuffle through several rooms a day with multiple teachers. When considering the added responsibility of keeping track of school assigned iPads, extra-curriculars, and juggling more homework assignments, it sure can feel like a lot to take on!

Last year, advisors in the Middle School conducted student surveys to better assess how students were managing with the added responsibilities, and found that a change needed to be made to reduce student workload and stress.

"One thing that came out of the survey was that Mondays were the heaviest night of homework. This is due to the fact that all classes met on Monday and Tuesday, while the rest of the week is staggered," Middle School Head Linda Hoopes said.

Thus, no new homework assigned Monday due on Tuesday was born. And, given the School's increased focus on our strategic plan goal of enhancing balance and well-being, it's proven to be a popular policy with community-wide buy-in.

"Hopefully it gives students a little more flexibility with their weekend hours as well, since they know they can get some work done on Monday night without having to worry about something new due the next day," Hoopes said.

The policy doesn't mean that there will be no homework on Monday nights. Instead, students may now use Monday night for longer term assignments, to make up work, or to organize their week.

"I've received favorable feedback from families so far," Hoopes reports. "I'm glad that we are able to adapt our program in ways that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students."



Bird's Eye View is a story series highlighting our work towards the initiative and goals laid out in our Strategic Plan: Bridge to 2022.

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