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BALANCE & WELL-BEING: Middle School Students Spread Notes of Validation

What started with a humorous but uplifting short film has exploded into a popular annual tradition in the Middle School. For a period of three weeks, students created a Validation Booth to create special notes of gratitude for those they share a bond with at School.

“It’s not often that people get to tell each other that they care, so we have a specific place set up for people to feel better about themselves and making other people feel good as well,” Student Body President Michael B. ’22 said. 

During lunch and break times, all middle school students had the opportunity to visit a table on the patio that was set up with colorful construction paper and markers, so that they could write notes of gratitude to the person/people of their choice.

“I wrote to my friend Nina because she means so much to me. I sometimes take her for granted and I want her to know I care,” Raven R. ’24 said.

The notes of gratitude ranged from humorous to more serious and heartfelt, but the overall reaction of students--both writers and recipients--was happiness, appreciation, and excitement.

After the notes were written, students posed for a picture with their notes. The pictures were later shared with the rest of the division at the middle school assembly.

“Learning to both acknowledge each other positively and also learn how to accept praise are powerful and fundamental rituals in our technology-ridden world and perfect for middle schoolers who are navigating the new social and emotional dynamics of pre-teen life. Going back to the basics is always a good way to remind ourselves that we live among others in a diverse community and that focusing on how awesome others are is healthy for us,” Middle School Assistant Head, Brian Barish said.

The notes of gratitude are currently on display in the middle school hallway and will remain there for several weeks to come.


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