Parking & Transportation

Limited parking is available around the Head-Royce Campus for School events, and visitors are advised to come early. Please remember that you are a visitor in a residential neighborhood, so please be courteous at all times to our neighbors and follow these guidelines:


  • Please do not block driveways, or use them to turn-around, do not make U-turns on Lincoln Avenue, Alida Street, or Alida Court.
  • Do not park at the rear of the Campus, on Whittle or Funston Avenues.
  • To avoid being cited, do not park in bus zones, and note street cleaning signs.
  • Please respect our neighbors by following the Big 10 Driving Rules.

Visitors/Parents during school operating hours (7 a.m.–5 p.m.)

You may park on Lincoln Avenue ABOVE the gatehouse except in the red zone. Additionally, you may park in Lot B; which is the driveway on Lincoln Avenue between the gatehouse street light and Athletic Field street lights.

Visitors/Parents after school hours (after 5 p.m.)

If you are here for an event, please refer to our event calendar for complete parking details.

**Please remember:
1. Do not park in spots marked reserved at any time.

2. You should not be parking on Lincoln below the gatehouse for any amount of time; parents who walk their children into school or out from school may park there. You may not park there and wait for your child during dismissal.

Accessible parking is available on our campus. Please call ahead to reserve a spot by contacting




Campus Map

Transportation Policy GuideDetails Head-Royce School guidelines for student drop-off and pick-up.