A Note from Crystal Land

A moment five years in the making...

Since our early beginnings 130 years ago, Head-Royce has been leading the charge in educational innovation and providing a comprehensive, student-centered program anchored by a whole-child philosophy—And we are stronger than ever. With the 2013 purchase of eight acres of adjacent land across Lincoln Avenue, we have an unparalleled opportunity to make sure our physical spaces can keep pace with the caliber of our academic offerings.

We now find ourselves in the unique position to create a cutting-edge K-12 environment that will match the quality of our renowned academics and be unrivaled in the urban Bay Area.

We continue the tradition of pushing the boundaries of possibility - propelling us forward to do what we have done since 1887: to actively raise the bar of educational excellence.

I hope you are inspired by the many wonderful possibilities we are envisioning for our children.


Crystal Land
Head of School