Standing Against Racism
We—as educators, parents and colleagues—must commit ourselves to doing all we can to actively interrupt the persistent systemic racism that is laid bare before us. Our action plan includes the following priorities:
  • 1) Reimagining curriculum and pedagogy to foster inclusivity and promote authentic engagement through culturally-responsive and equitable teaching practices.

    • Instituting professional development sessions with Teaching While White and the National Equity Project.

    • Implementing individual anti-bias goals for every professional community member.

    • Supporting targeted curriculum development over the summer.

  • 2) Incorporating cultural competence into our faculty evaluation and feedback systems. 

    • Updating existing evaluation forms and exploring new channels for community feedback.

    • Introducing classroom coaching for faculty in support of professional growth.

    • Using case studies to examine and improve our practice and response to incidents and difficult situations in and outside of the classroom.

  • 3) Creating meaningful opportunities for healing through Restorative Justice training.

    • Clarifying channels for communicating and reporting incidents and difficult experiences. 

    • Formally documenting and following-up to address and redress incidents as they occur.

    • Training administrators and adult/student leaders in restorative practices. 

    • Orienting and onboarding students so they are aware of community expectations, restorative protocols, and communication channels for reporting.

    • Recognizing that further scheduling changes will be needed in order to create space for curricular work and restorative justice practices.

  • 4) Providing needed support for our adult racial affinity group advisors in the Upper School.

    • Meeting with adult leaders of existing affinity groups to repair relationships and to address issues raised by BSU, LU and their allies.

    • Creating a clearly articulated job description and support plan, which includes regular check-ins, professional development training, and compensation. 

    • White Anti-racist affinity group for US students 

      • White Anti-racist affinity group for parents in fall 2020

    • Continuing to support student leaders with All Thrive training.

  • 5) Refining our recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and retention practices.

    • Actively seeking teachers from underrepresented groups.

    • Utilizing unconscious bias training as part of our hiring practice.

    • Working to create a culture that intentionally builds and sustains a diverse community.

  • 6) Formalizing listening opportunities in our community.

    • Listening and responding to suggestions of new ideas and priorities for programming from faculty, students, and parents

We will be communicating throughout the summer about the specific ways our community can be involved in this work. Please join us.