Head of School Search 

In January 2021, HRS Head of School, Crystal Land, announced her plans to retire in June 2022 after 32 years of dedicated service to the School. The Board of Trustees has since begun to take steps to initiate a search for the next leader of Head-Royce School. We have retained an executive search firm and are in the process of forming a Search Committee consisting of Board members, parents, teachers, staff, and alumni to find a leader who is aligned with Head-Royce's mission and positioned to bring our School continued success in the future.

This webpage will serve as the hub for all information related to our Head Search, including ongoing updates on the search progress and archived communications.  

Search Process Update

After a broad, intentional outreach to over 600 potential candidates, the Search Committee selected three outstanding finalists to meet the Head-Royce community. 
We are currently in Step 4 of the process (see chart below). The Search Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees based on all of the interviews, feedback from the community and substantial reference checks. After deliberation, the selection will be made by the Board of Trustees. We are pleased that we were able to attract highly qualified candidates who will be able to lead our school into the future.

Our search committee - composed of board members, faculty, parents, and alumni - has worked together since March in a rigorous process to find our next Head of School.
After a broad-based community survey, a candidate prospectus was formed based on the following key priorities:

  • Leadership
  • Emphasis on Teaching and Learning
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Developing and maintaining outstanding faculty
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Community building/Being a School of Oakland 

Candidates were rigorously vetted based on these priorities. This includes deep reference checking and in-person interviews with scenarios based on our priorities. 

Our Search Firm: Educational Directions

Head-Royce has engaged with Educational Directions, a nationally recognized consulting firm for independent schools and an acknowledged leader in executive search. They have a 30-year history of innovative search practices and have a worldwide network of sources for exceptional candidates. Recent completed Head of School searches can be found here

Amy Richards and Jerry Larson are our dedicated search consultant from Educational Directions. They will work closely with our Search Committee to manage the overall search process.

Search Timeline

The general timeline for the search process is as follows:

Search Committee

Search Communications

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