Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As an integral element of our mission, Head-Royce School makes the ongoing commitment to creating and sustaining an equitable and just school culture and environment for the entire K-12 community, children and adults alike. To that end we are committed to: 

With these commitments, we intend to mold our school’s culture to our mission by ensuring empowerment and belonging for all students and Professional Community members. Through these efforts, we hope that our students will gain a greater understanding of themselves, while cultivating the ability to embrace differences and think deeply about our diverse society and the expected and necessary changes that must occur. 

DEI Resources

Family Affinity Groups

Affinity groups create a space for people with common interests, backgrounds and shared identities (such as race, gender, religion, etc.) to come together for support and community. Head-Royce Affinity Groups are led by current parents and reflect the current community. Our 2022-23 Affinity Groups are: 

  • African American Family Network
  • Asian Parents Network
  • Gender and Sexuality Diversity Network
  • Latino Families Network
  • Learning Differences Network
  • White Anti-Racist Family Network

Professional Development

All Head-Royce Professional Community members participate in Professional Development opportunities throughout the year. Here is a small sampling of our recent work:

  • Presence at Equity is Excellence Conference, Summer 2019
  • 2019 Faculty Book: Culturally Responsive Teaching 
  • Full Professional Community training with diversity expert Elizabeth Denevi on creating inclusive learning spaces
  • Full Professional Community workshop with E&I trainer Rosetta Lee on "Beyond the Why and Into the How: Practical Steps Toward Inclusive Classrooms"
  • Administrative leadership workshops with Elena Aguilar on effective and equitable leadership
  • National Equity Project racial affinity groups for faculty and staff throughout the year
  • Cohort of 26 adults and students at the 2019 NAIS People of Color Conference

Meet the Team

Naoko Akiyama
Interim Director of Equity and Inclusion

Brianna Drum
E&I Coordinator

Ayesha Numan
Upper School Dean of E&I

Hilary Bond
Middle School Dean of E&I

Barry Turner
Lower School Dean of E&I