College Counseling

If you follow stories about college admissions in the media these days, the college application process might seem much more overwhelming than it actually has to be. In the college counseling office, we’re here to help! We will provide information, advice, and support to you and your family. Of course, the process won’t be without stress, but it doesn’t have to make you and your family crazy!

College Counseling Team

Kate Augus
Director of College Counseling
510-531-1300 x2519

Carrie Horsey
Associate Director of College Counseling
510-531-1300 x2508

Tania Castro Bradt
College Counselor
510-531-1300 x2476

Mark Schneider
College Counselor
(510) 531-1300 x2209

Mya Paul
College Counseling Assistant
510-531-1300 x2325

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